Jongeriuslab introduces Studio Truly Truly The teacher and the taught Plaid

TextielMuseum asked Jongeriuslab to coach the designers of Studio Truly Truly and together develop new domestic products for by TextielMuseum. In this way, as an educational institution, we underline the importance of knowledge transfer to a new generation of design talent. One of the products resulting from the collaboration is this abstract, graphic plaid. To create the variety of textures in the fabric, the designers converted hand-knitting techniques into new stitches suitable for the TextielLab’s computer-controlled knitting machine.

Designer Jongeriuslab introduces Studio Truly Truly
Product Plaid

L148 x B115

Color RedFuchia
Material 70% merinowol / 30% mohair
Technique Knitted
Shrinkage ± 7% shrinkage, dry clean only!
130,00 Incl. tax
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410512 / 00882750
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