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  • Sigrid Calon pays tribute to weaving and knitting

    05 / Apr / 2023

    Sigrid Calon pays tribute to weaving and knitting

    For our latest collection of interior textiles, we teamed up with the Tilburg artist Sigrid Calon. Calon's love of textiles and her distinct graphic style made this a perfect partnership. In two product series, the artist demonstrates her fascination for weaving and knitting. Working with our weaving and knitting specialists in the TextielLab, she developed a series of statement plaids and tea towels.


    About Sigrid Calon

    Sigrid Calon is known for her distinct graphic style, in which she plays with abstract shapes in various techniques, including risograph prints and textiles. Her work was featured in a solo exhibition in De Pont museum and has been acquired by museums including the Rijksmuseum, Stedelijk museum and Museum Boijmans van Beuningen. Her signature style is also evident in the statement pieces she designed for by TextielMuseum.


    “Textiles are so wide-ranging. I can't imagine life without textiles.”

    - Sigrid Calon



    Ode to weaving

    Sigrid Calon's new tea towels are an ode to weaving, the technique that once made the Tilburg textile industry great. Inspired by authentic Tilburg weaves from the museum collection, she created a contemporary interplay of texture and colour. The tea towels contain no less than 38 different weaves, including several from the historical Tilburg weaving books and a number she developed herself.

    The frayed edge at both ends of the tea towel was deliberately left unfinished, so you can see exactly which yarns and colours were used and where. Hang the towel up any way you like – both sides are an eye-catcher in the kitchen.


    Ode to knitting

    Featuring an enlarged structure of a knitted fabric, composed of numerous small Vs, Sigrid Calon’s plaids offer a microscopic view of the knitting technique.


    “You only have to glance at the plaids to see how a knitted structure is formed.”

    - Sigrid Calon


    The plaids were made on the TextielLab’s newest circular knitting machine. Originally developed for making mattresses, the machine can knit and fill a double-layered fabric simultaneously. In Calon’s design, only certain sections are filled, making the pattern almost three-dimensional. Instantly transform your living room by switching between the plaid’s colourful and neutral side.

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